I spy….

These are just random pictures of sightings that caught my eye in and around NOLA, some pre-COVID and some in the midst. I also took a cemetery tour (pre-COVID) and a couple of the pictures from there are of plaques describing fascinating people and an interesting looking tomb. I took very few pictures of Mardi Gras this year because I was too busy enjoying the parades to snap photos. I couldn’t pass up the Elephant because my Mother loved both elephants and Mardi Gras and for a brief moment, I felt her presence standing next to me as the float passed me by. I would have loved to have experienced Mardi Gras through her eyes. And anyone who knows me or follows this blog knows I love giraffes so the lone pic of the viewing stand should be no surprise. It took every ounce of strength and sheer will power to not sneak the abandoned stand in my car as a memento of the beautiful day but alas, (notwithstanding the fact that it would be stealing) someone went to great pains to paint it and surely it has special meaning to them. Out of respect for my fellow kindred spirit, I walked away with empty hands but happiness in my heart and a photo in my possession. If I am ever blessed to win the lottery, suddenly come into money from some long lost, unknown wealthy relative, or perhaps write a best seller, I would turn an abandoned building or two into my personal living quarters, with enough space for friends and relatives to come visit while at the same time maintaining some sense of privacy for us all. This way they could explore and develop their own love for the city.

During COVID, the French Quarter is shut down and some of the buildings have placed plywood to protect the interior against weather and homeless intrusions. In my mind, seeing the plywood decorated simply enforces the spirit of the city. Turning misfortune into an opportunity to express hope, love, joy and laughter. And special shout-out from this RN to KT Graphix Branding and Print Specialist for acknowledging Healthcare professionals. (Yes, I recognize it is not just Healthcare making sacrifices during this pandemic).