Delachaise (the night continues)

After Trey and I left Nolé, we strolled down St Charles looking for our next food adventure. We stumbled across Delachaise Wine Bar. It looks like an eclectic little place, which can either swing very good or very bad, in my experience. But what is life, if we don’t take a few chances now and then? Boring is what it would be! 

From the outside it looks like an old streetcar that has been unceremoniously dropped on St Charles Street. But the owners have made the best of the location (and you know what they say, location is everything), added a little sunroom looking area, outdoor seating, a large stocked bar and viola, a bar is born! 

The alcohol selection is impressive. If I were a connoisseur of fine wines, liquors and such, I would have a field day in there. But I am not as much of a drinker and I am a foodie. Speaking of which, we has a few small appetizers this go ’round. Trey ordered the frog legs and flank steak bruschetta and I ordered the cuban pulled pork. I have never dined on frog legs before so it was a first for me.

I’ll be honest…. they didn’t taste bad, but were a little greasy for my taste. Since I don’t have a memory to compare to, I can’t tell you if frog legs are normally greasy or if it was the duck fat they used to cook them in… either way, I wasn’t a huge fan. But please try for yourself. Perhaps my palate is still developing. I also leave room for the possibility that my mind is playing tricks on me too. The mind is a powerful tool, and when I was a little girl I saw a cartoon that depicted frogs wheeling themselves out of a restaurant kitchen in wheelchairs (because their legs have been cut off) and haven’t been able to bring myself to eat from legs ever since. I thought I was mature enough to work past it but the image of little frogs in wheelchairs hasn’t left my mind yet, so maybe that’s the real reason this meal wasn’t as appealing as it should have been. And for those of you who love frog legs, I’ll bet dollars to donuts you will enjoy these!

The cuban pork was very delicious and it comes with yucca fries, which are my favorite. The flank steak bruschetta was not what I was expecting. I was expecting the steak to be cut up into small pieces and maybe mixed with tomatoes and such and spread over the top of the bread. But instead it was a slice of the steak on top of a slice of bread and topped with cheese. It didn’t taste bad, per se, but it’s like when you are craving a Barqs Root Beer and get Dr. Pepper instead. The ambience and atmosphere is worth a second trip back. So Delachaise, you aren’t my favorite but there are perks that make a second trip necessary.